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Welcome to Khani Staffing Tech Corporation: Your Partner in IT Staffing Solutions.
At Khani Staffing Tech Corporation, we recognize that filling a vacancy is more than a transaction; it's about connecting the best talent with the right opportunities. We understand the dynamics of the IT industry and pride ourselves on being the driving force behind successful collaborations between talented professionals and businesses aiming to conquer their most crucial IT challenges.

Our Commitment:
Khani Staffing Tech Corporation is committed to excellence in IT staffing. We go beyond the conventional methods of recruitment, taking a holistic approach that involves understanding the unique goals and aspirations of IT professionals while delving deep into the specific requirements of our clients.

Why Choose Khani Staffing Tech Corporation?
Experienced Team:
Our team of seasoned staffing professionals possesses in-depth industry knowledge, ensuring that we understand the intricacies of IT roles and the skills required to excel.

Personalized Approach:
We tailor our services to meet the unique needs of both candidates and clients. By asking the right questions and engaging in meaningful conversations, we foster connections that go beyond the surface.

Proven Success:
Khani Staffing Tech Corporation has been the backbone of numerous large and complex IT projects. Our track record speaks volumes, but it's the enduring relationships with clients and professionals that truly set us apart.

Our IT Staffing Services:
Enhance your workforce with our on-demand, temporary employees. Keep them for the duration of your projects, manage variable demand, or alleviate pressure on your core team. Our flexible staffing solutions ensure you have the right talent when you need it.

Mitigate hiring risks with our "try before you buy" contract-to-hire option. Evaluate candidates in your unique work environment, ensuring they align with your culture and possess the skills required. Once confident, extend a full-time offer at your convenience.

Full Time/Direct Hire:
Let Khani Staffing Tech Corporation handle the entire hiring process. We source, screen, and refer candidates who meet your criteria. You only pay when you successfully hire a candidate we present, emphasizing our commitment to delivering results.

Connect with Khani Staffing Tech Corporation:
Ready to find the best talent or explore exciting IT career opportunities? Connect with Khani Staffing Tech Corporation today. Join a community of professionals and businesses that trust us to make meaningful IT connections.

Let Khani Staffing Tech Corporation be your strategic partner in navigating the dynamic world of IT staffing.

Our Services

What We Doing

Recruitment Services

Whether you are currently recruiting, looking for advice on industry recruitment trends or simply want to source information on expected salary/ hourly rates, we can help. We are a leading professional recruitment agency specialising in the recruitment of permanent, contract and temporary positions on behalf of the world's top companies.

Advice & Guidance

We are offering advice and guidance to our consultants on client needs and on recent recruitment market trends.

We are also offering advice and guidance to our clients. We are supporting clients to gather information from the marketing about salary/rates, resource avialable.

Sales & Marketing

Marketing consulting as a service enables businesses to access highly advanced marketing knowledge on reliable terms.

Businesses hire marketing consulting professionals usually based on urgent needs and short time notice.

Human Resources

We offer services to our employees on things like health and safety, learning and development, recruitment, pay, leave, and employees welfare.

Creative Solutions

We offer creative solutions for all your recruiting needs. We specialize in helping small to big sized companies in finding, screening, interviewing and bringing on top talent who fit your organization.

Well Documented

Recruitment in organizations it is very essential to do a job analysis prior to advertising a job and before start working on client needs. Job analysis is a procedure done to obtain detailed and objective information about the post before any advertising is done for a replacement or new hire.

In addition to the above, there are other essential documents that need to be prepared in the process of recruiting or hiring a new employee/consultant. For example, the job description, person specification, application form, applicant background and applicant’s resume.